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THE DANUBE WATER AREAThe river Danube heads in the mountains of Schwarzwald ( Baden-Wurtemberg , Germany ), where mountain brooks Brege ( 48 km long) and Brigs ( 43 km long) join together near the town Donaueshingen at the height 678 m above sea level. The Danube changes several times on its way the direction. At first it flows through the mountain area of Germany to the south-east, and then on the mark 2747 km it changes the direction to the north-east. This direction is kept till the city Regensburg ( 2379 km ) where the most northern point of the watercourse (4903 ' northern latitude is.) lies. Near Regensburg the Danube turns to the south-east, then it crosses the Viennese hollow, and then more than 600 km it flows through the Middle-danube lowland. The Danube flows through the territory of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Ukraine and runs into the Black sea.

DanubeThe Danube has many branches that sometimes recesses significantly (10 and more kilometers) out the basic stream. The longest branches on the right bank are the Moshonsky or Dorsky Danube (coil - 1854 km , source - 1794 km ) and the Dunerja-Veke (237 and 169 km ); on the left bank the Maliy Danube (source - 1868 km , run into the Vag), the Shoroksharsky Danube (1642 and 1586 km ), the Borcha (371 and 248 km ). Dozens of cities are situated on banks of the Danube, including capitals of four European countries: Austria - Vienna (1597 thousand inhabitants), Serbia - Belgrad (1168 thousand), Hungary - Budapest (2016 thousand), Slovakia - Bratislava (425 thousand). There is a capital of Bavaria , the federal land of Germany ( Munich , 1250 thousand), on the feeder Izar. In delta of the Danube there are two ship canals the Romanian and the Ukrainian, providing the alleys of large vessels from the Danube into the Black sea .
The navigation continues on the Danube during the bigger part of the year and it is intermitted for only 1 - 2 months. In especially warm winters it goes on all year long

Danube. A port in Budapest
Danube. A port in Belgrad
Danube. A port in Budapest
Danube. A port in Belgrad
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