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The Belomorsko-Baltic channel was opened on August, 2nd, 1933. It unites the White sea with the Lake Onega . The extention of the channel is 221 km . From the first days of its existence the channel has gained great economic significance, having most shortly connected the White sea with the system of waterways of the north-western part of Russia . After it had been built the waterway from St.-Petersburg to the White sea has shrunk by almost 4000 km . The Belomorsko-Baltic channel has gained especial significance after putting the Volga-Baltic channel in operation, when it became a unit of United deep water system of the European part of the Russian Federation together with the Onega Lake .

The main routes of the Onega Lake lead from the head of river Svir and from an output of the Volga-Baltic channel to the Onega Lake to Povenetsky raid at the input into the Belomorsko-Baltic channel. The extent of these routes is 236 and 217 km .

Except the main routes, there are a lot of other ones on the Onega Lake and the Belomorsko-Baltic channel, these routes connect the most important stations that are situated on banks of the Onega and Vygozero Lakes .

Because of the great economic significance of the Belomorsko-Baltic channel different works on reconstruction of its structures and parts of the waterway in order to improve the navigability are constantly being carried on.

Port Belomorsk
BELOMORSKThe BELOMORSKY SEAPORT is situated near the city Belomorsk. The port occupies the water area about 1331,7 km on the Belomorsko-Baltiysky channel before a receiving marine buoy in the Soroksky lip of the White sea . It is spread on a clearing line Belomorsky in 14,8 km from an input into the Sea channel.

There are the raid of the Belomorsky seaport (inner raid) and the Big Soroksky road (sea raid) in the water area. The moorings of the Belomorsky seaport are situated near the raid of the Belomorsky seaport.

On the top of the Soroksky lip the water area of the port is protected by two moles (the northern and the southern ones) and two breakwaters. Here the moorings of the Belomorsky base of state fishery and woodusing plant are situated.

Belomorsky maritime port
Navigational chart of depths
Belomorsky maritime port
Navigational chart of depths, around Belomorsky maritime port
Diagrammatic longitudinal a profile of a navigable route of the Belomorsko-Baltic channel
Diagrammatic longitudinal a profile of a navigable route of the Belomorsko-Baltic channel around Belomorsk
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