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Port Astrakhan
AstrakhanThe city Astrakhan is located in the mouth of river Volga . It is one of Russian ports on the Caspian Sea.

In winter the river and neighboring offshore zones freeze over. In hard winters the ice stay frozen from December to March, in open winters - from January to February. The pilotage during these months is carried out with the help of ice-breakers.

The Volgo-Caspian channel unites the Caspian Sea and Astrakhan . It is 101,5 miles ( 188 km ) long, 5 meters deep, 100- 120 meters wide. A two-way traffic for the ships that are 126 meters long, 16 meters wide and with a draught of 4,2 meters is allowed along the channel.

There are about fifteen stations of loading and unloading of ships where ferrous materials, roll metal products, industrial wood, paper, asbestos, equipment, containers, motor-vehicles, foodstuffs and other goods are processed in the Astrakhan water-transport basin. They are located on the right and partly on the left bank of the Volga on a piece that is 22 kilometers long. The full length of the moorages that are included in them is 3,2 km . The depth along the moorage fluctuates from 4 to 5,2 meters .

The Astrakhan port is the largest stevedore company in Astrakhan . The freight moorages (about 975 meters long) are the part of the two freight areas Ц the Central and the Transshipment where metals, containers, wood and other general and bulk cargoes are overloaded. Besides, the port has three passenger moorings and a mooring for repairing of ships.

The Astrakhan port
Loading berth of the Astrakhan port
The Astrakhan port
Loading berth of the Astrakhan port
Navigational chart of depths
Navigational chart of depths, in area Astrakhan
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